Octane Grow Tent 4×8

$499.97 exc. VAT

Octane Grow Tent 4×8

Grow With The Best and Strongest

  • EXTREMELY DURABLE – With the best oxford cloth and 22-25mm steel locking pole we aim for long lasting grow tent.
  • COMMON SENSE – Your accessories: fans, carbon filter, exhaust equipment, HPS, LED, inline fan CO2, SCROG setup and thermometer are SAFE! Dead weight tested 300lbs.
  • ENGINEERED BY GROWERS We design this tent with urban farmer (s) in mind. Sense of style is huge and we go BIG.


Professional Grow Tents
Versatile – Made for use with all growing styles. We have tested this tent with hydroponic, soil, coco and NFT systems. All lighting systems will function flawlessly with our grow tent. Great for mother plants and gives you the power to customize your packages perfectly.
Quality in, Quality OUT – DO NOT settle for low quality hangers and not being able to control your temperature. Keep all aspects of your grow going full speed and have consistent results. Growing indoors regardless if its propagation, mother plant, vegetative or flowering room you, have the power to be the BEST!
Long Lasting – Clip to clips, connectors to connections, large steel poles, micro mesh, liner, duel closing ventilation ports, fabric to the deep dish floor pan with bungee velcro.. EVERYTHING is made to last you so much longer than any other grow tent on the market. This is 100% a keeper of a tent and can be used for drying.


First i want to say thank you from me to you as a grower.

As you can tell I am SUPER excited to be able to bring you this grow tent. I have worked months and months (Prob more then that) on making this design to have the opportunity to take part in your grow room. It is my proud pleasure to give the growing community this grow tent.. I am humbled by every sale I get because this is 100% about you as a grower.

The Goal Is Very Simple

To develop a resource for gardeners and growers that was community and idea driven with fair pricing for a great product.

LJ Products was born.
I thank you all for your support personally, and I am always here for you in your gardens.

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